Inside the Kingdom

Our people are our biggest asset and we invest our best in them. At Kingdom, we've been breeding leaders for 107 years now. We empower them to maximize their learning and develop themselves in different roles and business contexts; thus broadening their horizons as well as ours.


The Kingdom is not for the meek hearted. This is a place for the dreamers, the discerning risk takers and the brave hearts. Our philosophy - Dare to Dream and Dream Limitlessly is what embodies the true spirit of Kingdom. Not only do we encourage our people to take risks when we see high potential rewards, we also provide a safety net for managers to fail occasionally as a learning process.

Global Careers

Kingdom is an oasis of opportunities and rich experiences. It's where sustained excellence is rewarded and the journey of discovering one's core competency is encouraged. We nurture home-grown managers into leaders and give each one the opportunity to maximize their learning through different roles. Our ability to transfer our unique global competencies to each new business, regardless of geography has been a defining factor in our success story.

The Kingdom Gates are Open

You could be a budding entrepreneur, an accountant, a master salesman or a trader. If you'd like to be a part of this revolutionary company, don't think twice. This is one of the world's most dynamic work environments and we are always looking to meet interesting people like you.

Send in your CV right away to and we'll be happy to get back to you.